"married life"

i really am not sure how to blog, because i feel dumb writing things. i feel especially mad at myself today, because i've seen other peoples blogs and they post pictures as they update loved ones on their lives and this morning before leaving to watch achaya cheer at a football game, i saw my camera's USB cord in my purse and took it out, thinking i don't need this. well, now i'm at the church (my only internet outlet for the time being) and thinking i would love to upload the pics that me and mac took last night and that i took this morning so i could show you as i update you on my life.. guess i can just do that later!

my first week of married life is over - it was a very interesting week. we had our first houseguests stay with us on sunday and monday night and that was a whole lot of fun for us.. the rest of the week i have just been spending my time at the church with mccauley or at home reading or watching arrested development (our new favorite on dvd tv show) i REALLY need to find a job... monday afternoon is dedicated to that. i emailed my resume to FIVE places online, but have heard nothing back.

the people at friendswood are REALLY great to me, but it is really different from calvary. i miss everyone pretty bad -- and am so excited to see them next weekend!

besides that, there's not much to update on. we went to achaya's football game today and she was so cute it made me yearn for motherhood.. but don't worry, i still faithfully take birth control at 11:30 every night.


here comes the bride..

getting married..




picture didn't work the first time around .. i love him
woo-hoo i changed colors


trying the whole blogosphere thing out.. i'm pretty interested in reading blogs, i've just never done one for myself.. well, not since xanga if that counts. it should be an interesting ride.

getting married in just a few days... yay

i tried posting a picture -- not sure if it worked