bank accounts suck. bills suck. having a bill drawn out of your bank account that isn't yours REALLY REALLY sucks. i'm so frustrated. i don't know why it's bothering me so bad. maybe cause we don't have answers right now. we have to wait till tomorrow to really find out if someone is stealing our money or not. and because of this i couldn't buy my art supplies today, because i put a temporary hold on my bank account. so i won't be able to do anything in class tomorrow. i might as well skip.. blahhhlkiodjfkdjsafij afbsf ji fjdbfi i seriously want to scream. but that would seem a little awkward right now.

i like to type but i don't really know what to say. nobody understands me except for married people and younger people, like teenagers. also older people who have been married at one point or another. but besides that -- yeah most people don't understand the new life that comes with marriage. that is really frustrating. when you are constantly blamed or made to feel like you are not allowed to live your married life because your being held down to your old life and expectations are held for who you used to be. blakdjfkdjfkdfbdjka

maybe this doesn't make sense. it makes sense to me.. i wish everyone was on my level. i like to write and type -- i already said that before. i could type forever seriously.. which is why i need a job. where i can type. then i wouldn't feel like such a bum. please find me a job?

could i complain anymore? God is GREAT to me.
1. i have lived for free since i got married
2. i married the most amazing guy in the entire world
3. i have such good friends in my new home already
4. my new church has reached out to me with open arms & loving hearts
5. i have a pretty dang good family

i should stop complaining and count my blessings more... i should get off the computer and go read my Bible. i want to study esther again. she was such an awesome woman. i pray that God can use me like he used her. i pray that my life here has purpose & that i use the abilities God has enabled me with to serve that purpose

i love achaya .. if i could adopt her i would in the blink of an eye. in all seriousness