Hold me fast, let me stand..

in the hollow of thy hand. Keep me safe, till the storm passes by..."

Well.. I've survived my first hurricane! The picture to the left is the glass from our shattered window -- about the worst of the damage we sustained so praise GOD for that! I really thought that we weren't going to have a home to return to but HE really provided. Especially considering the homes around us -- one has the walls torn open and insulation showing through, the one to the right of us had part of it's roof ripped up, and others down the road had damage from trees falling to being completely demolished. So all praise goes to HIM for what HE has done for us.
Besides hurricane news, not much is going on my life. My school is closed "until further notice" and our power is still out. So we are currently staying at my in-law's house... which isn't bad, I just miss having a home of our own. I'm not big on blogging. I have to get a more interesting life.