I've been convicted tonight about my lack of study into God's word. I am like a regular at the Friendswood library, I follow like - ten people's blogs, I read articles online all the time - things to do with art and photography, etc... but I seem to have, or to fool myself into thinking that I have, a huge lack of time when it comes to spending time in THE greatest word of all. I don't know why I do this.

I've been organizing my Google Reader list tonight - cleaning up things that aren't really relevant or needful for me to read, and making sure I add things that are beneficial for me to be reading. I'm purposing myself to focus though not so much on reading these things, but instead to begin to focus back on reading what God has spoken to humanity... and I am not going to make a bold promise to say I will start regularly writing, but I am asking God to keep me faithful on my task - and maybe along the way I will find some things so pressed on my heart that I cannot help but to share :)


Let's live

I've experienced the busiest week of my life this week. I'm not one to normally wish time away, but yesterday all I found myself looking forward to was next Monday. My apartment is in disarray, my finances are all kinds of jumbled, my clothes really need to see the washing machine, I need to accept some sub jobs and I really need to get my car drive-able! But tonight as I sit and reflect I know I am really going to miss this week next week. That's a funny sounding sentence, but I have been so utterly blessed this week while coincidentally this week have spent a good time feeling ashamed/rebuked/convicted. None of those are the right words to describe it... so really I have been feeling blessed and _____________. Inadequate? But even still, God has chosen ME to work and serve Him through my inadequacy. WHAT A PRIVILEGE!
I'm feeling renewed and revived and ready to simplify. I know this doesn't make sense to most, but right now I just feel good. I feel blessed and lucky and privileged and I can't wait to shake some things up. I seriously can't wait. I love my life. I love my husband so much. I love Friendswood Baptist Church... I am thrilled that God has given us life to live together!

Basically this post isn't saying much. Once I get my life re-organized (right now that is scheduled for Monday afternoon), I am planning on posting a more thought provoking post, maybe relaying some things I've been blessed with this week. But for now, I just want everyone to know how much I love them. I've really missed blogging and it feels good to just type right now. (I know that makes you happy, UG.)

One more quick thing -- I have the song Majesty stuck in my head... Specifically the line "Your Grace has found me just as I am, empty handed but alive in Your hands." I am so glad that God chooses to use us for His glory. I am literally nothing without him. Nothing but a speck, and I am glad for the purpose he has given me in life by placing me in his hands.