Let's live

I've experienced the busiest week of my life this week. I'm not one to normally wish time away, but yesterday all I found myself looking forward to was next Monday. My apartment is in disarray, my finances are all kinds of jumbled, my clothes really need to see the washing machine, I need to accept some sub jobs and I really need to get my car drive-able! But tonight as I sit and reflect I know I am really going to miss this week next week. That's a funny sounding sentence, but I have been so utterly blessed this week while coincidentally this week have spent a good time feeling ashamed/rebuked/convicted. None of those are the right words to describe it... so really I have been feeling blessed and _____________. Inadequate? But even still, God has chosen ME to work and serve Him through my inadequacy. WHAT A PRIVILEGE!
I'm feeling renewed and revived and ready to simplify. I know this doesn't make sense to most, but right now I just feel good. I feel blessed and lucky and privileged and I can't wait to shake some things up. I seriously can't wait. I love my life. I love my husband so much. I love Friendswood Baptist Church... I am thrilled that God has given us life to live together!

Basically this post isn't saying much. Once I get my life re-organized (right now that is scheduled for Monday afternoon), I am planning on posting a more thought provoking post, maybe relaying some things I've been blessed with this week. But for now, I just want everyone to know how much I love them. I've really missed blogging and it feels good to just type right now. (I know that makes you happy, UG.)

One more quick thing -- I have the song Majesty stuck in my head... Specifically the line "Your Grace has found me just as I am, empty handed but alive in Your hands." I am so glad that God chooses to use us for His glory. I am literally nothing without him. Nothing but a speck, and I am glad for the purpose he has given me in life by placing me in his hands.